Center for the History of Global Development

Elorm Ewurama Kumah

Elorm Ewurama Kumah is a Ghanaian postgraduate student pursuing her Masters’ degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She obtained her Bachelors’ degree from the University of Ghana in Political Science and French. Elorm is a multilingual, with experience in Organisational Strategy and end-to-end Project Management, which she accrued gained while working in a number of industries including oil and gas, advertising and branding, banking and finance, telecommunications as well as education and counselling. She has also engaged extensively in rural developmental projects with non-governmental organisations in her home country and beyond.

She participated in the 2019 Model United Nations conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Her academic research has covered the fields of Development & IR, Cold War and Comparative Economics/ Politics.

Elorm’s Masters’ thesis is concentrated on Climate Action, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 – a study into the role of most vulnerable/ developing nations in the combat against climate change.