Center for the History of Global Development

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets as guidelines for future development. These goals replaced the 6 Millennium Goals of the year 2,000, and they are designed to reach until 2030. They differ from the MDGs and from most development efforts of the last decades in two important aspects: 1) They approach development as a global activity, involving all countries, as opposed to an area defined by deficiencies in low-income countries in the Global South; 2)They address numerous aspects where developmental improvements have been promised before but whose ongoing trends are uncertain or downright negative, such as climate change, global arms expenditures, deforestation, desertification, waste production or road traffic deaths


Zarkamol Munisov (Camille)

Actions of the Ecological Movement / Ecoparty in shaping the environmental policy of Uzbekistan in accordance with SDG 15

Aminata Yattara

The Position of Women in Mali: SDG 5

Yelif Ulagpan

Sustainable Development Goal 15 in Mongolia: A Case Study of Community-based Forest Management based on Asian Development Bank project

Iris Borowy