Center for the History of Global Development

Thinking of Crisis as Opportunity: What can the World after Corona-19 look like?

The world today is radically different from the one we knew just a few short months ago. Nobody knows what it will be like after the pandemic of Covid-19 dies down. Nobody even knows if it will disappear or, more probably, will persist but with a lower profile, kept in check by a vaccine. Predictions abound already about about how pandemic will affect the relations between countries and whether or how it will create a new world order. Relatively less is being discussed on how it will affect our lives from a development point of view. How can changes brought about by this pandemic affect food production and distribution, climate change, industry, trade or, in a broader sense, the way people around the world live, work, meet each other, listen to music, find partners, and trust or distrust each other. We would like to invite suggestions for ideas on what this could look like. More importantly, can we find ways to make the post-corona world more resilient, healthier and friendlier than the one before? At the moment, signs for rising nationalism, racism and exclusion look ominous, so can we think of a different outcomes? Are there ways to find opportunity in this crisis?

Therefore, invite contributions describing scenarios for the future. While negative scenarios are not ruled out, they should include an element of possible improvement somewhere. The format is free. Texts can be short or long. Artistic texts like poems or songs are also welcome.

They will undergo a screening procedure for suitability.

Please, send your contributions to Zarkamol Munisov at