Center for the History of Global Development

 Anthony (Tony) McGrew - Deputy Director


Anthony McGrew recently joined the College of Liberal Arts in September 2019. Previously, he was Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce and Director of the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University Melbourne as well as Executive Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Strathclyde University Glasgow. His academic specialization is in international relations with a particular interests in  :

Globalization- history and theories of globalization, globalization and democracy, economic development

Global political economy- history and theories of global political economy, trade theory, global finance, global economic governance, globalization and economic development 

China and globalization- globalization with Chinese characteristics, implications for global political economy, role in global economic governance .

International Theory- global international theory, non-Western international theory, new epistemological approaches (new materialism, critical realism, relationalism, complexity theory, quantum theory)

Has held numerous Visiting Professorships including at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto; the  Institute for International Integration Studies, Trinity College, Dublin; the Department of International Relations, Australian National University, Canberra; the Centre for Global Governance, London School of Economics; and Chuo University ,Tokyo.

Professor McGrew has published on topics related to globalization, development, global governance, international theory, US foreign policy and global political economy. His most recent publications include: ‘Globalization and Global Politics’ in John Baylis and Steve Smith (eds.), The Globalization of World Politics, Oxford University Press, 2020; and  ‘The Logics of Globalization’ in John Ravenhill (ed.), , Global Political Economy, Oxford University Press, 2020.