Center for the History of Global Development

NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) and its Work on Air Pollution

In 1969, NATO expanded the scope of its functions, setting up Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society(CCMS), and actively promoting international collaborating in the field of environmental protection. By "pilot study", encouraging the allies and other countries to actively concern about the air pollution problem and promoting the international community to implement advanced technologies into dealing with issues such as environmental problems, CCMS is considered NATO's "third dimension" other than military and political alliances.

Through the analysis of international background and discussion of NATO members on air pollution problem, investigation on how air pollution problem has become one issue of CCMS, and the cooperation and attempts of CCMS on the air pollution pilot study around its early establishment period, this paper will explore the roles CCMS plays in promoting cooperation for air pollution governance, before a further analysis of the achievements and flaws of CCMS in air pollution governance.

Researcher: Zhang Yong-an