Center for the History of Global Development

China's Investment in the West and its Impact on International Development




This international political economy project is about China’s growing investment in the West and its impact on international development and international political economy. It’s directly related to the scholarly research and debate on the history and current policies of “development” at national and global levels in the contemporary world. Historically development involved economic growth, enrichment of socio-economic conditions, and expansion of political space or freedom. In terms of how foreign investment helps development, typically “developed” countries invest in “developing” countries, with cultures and values moving in the same direction, demonstrating both the “hard power” and “soft power” of the West over the rest. China is challenging this historical pattern. This research will examine how China, as a developing nation, is investing in the developed West, and what political, economic, social, and cultural significances will be.

Researcher: Zhiqun Zhu