Center for the History of Global Development

Seminars and Events Spring 2019


21 March

Discussion: The state of world development.

Ted Talk: Ann Rosling Rönnlund: The Global Dollar Street

28 March

Lecture: Reiko Kanazawa (University of Exeter/Shanghai University)

Negotiating Development through AIDS: The Place of the Post-Liberalisation Indian State

4 April

Lecture:   Lee   A. Burton (Shanghai University)

The   futures bright: how solar energy can save the world


11   April

Film:   The   First Grader (2010). Dir.: Justin Chadwick

18   April

Lecture:   Alex   Mold (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Patient Organisations   and Health Consumerism in Britain, 1960s-2010s

25   April

Lecture:   Antonio   Zapata (Pontifical  Catholic University of Peru / Shanghai University)

Haiti - how a successful slave   plantation economy based on sugar became the poorest nation in America.

2   May

Lecture:   Thomas   Dubois (Fudan University)

Milk  from the Butterfly Spring: Dairy Enterprise and Regional Development in   Yunnan, 1959-2009

9   May

Lecture:   Ashley Fernandes (GreenInitiatives,  Shanghai)

 The   Circular Economy

16   May

Discussion: How   do we get everybody on board for the development we want?

Based on Ted  talk: Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

23 May

Lecture: Iris Borowy (Shanghai University)

Discussing Hazardous Waste at International Organizations. The Birth of a Concept