Center for the History of Global Development

Mitu Poddar


I am from Bangladesh. I have completed my MA degree in International Relations & Public Affairs at Shanghai International Studies University in 2022 under Chinese Government Scholarship. I was deeply interested in sustainable development, so my master thesis was focused on “Challenges Behind Meeting Maternal & Child Health Targets in Implementing SDG3: Perspective of Bangladesh”.
I can speak five different languages. I have participated in different international competitions in China. In December, 2021, I have participated & won (3rd position) in an speech competition on sustainable development sponsored by Unitar Cifal Shanghai, United Nations. In June, 2022, I also participated in the campus selection Model APEC Conference from Shanghai International Studies University. In July, 2022, I participated in the Tsinghua University Global Summer School (GSS-2022) which was focused on SDG & awarded as Best Performance Team. In August, 2022, participated in Youth Innovative Competition on Global Governance (YICGG-2022) & won Most Valuable Project (MVP) award which was organized by Fudan University & sponsored by UNDP.
Currently I am pursuing my PhD degree at Shanghai University under a Shanghai Government Scholarship. My research area is focused on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, which is directly connected to the SDG 13. More specifically my research is  focused on the role & challenges of formal & informal sector Solid Waste Management in Bangladesh.