Center for the History of Global Development

Florah Wairimu Gathii.

Florah Wairimu Gathii is a Kenyan lady that hails from the Rift Valley province of the Republic of Kenya. As a trained lawyer and a corporate secretary, Florah is often tasked with overseeing the a lawyer's mandate in applying the law and the practice of it to the fundamental problems affecting the citizenry, more so problems with access to justice, promotion of the rule of law , adherence to the constitution and legal education and awareness through pro bono/pauper briefs, legal education and sensitization fora. Florah is also passionate supporting women's rights particularly those from far flung remote and poverty stricken areas of Kenya.

In the last five years she has helped different stakeholders in their shadow reporting activities in response to different agenda items and other matters while interrogating reports on the efficacy of international instruments and also engaging in discussions on local but regional developmental agenda. She is also intermittently engaged in planning and management and is an avid legal aid practitioner and other educational and sensitization initiatives. 

She has a strong bias for public interest matters, pro bono and legal aid, and other consistent initiatives that are in line with the sustainable development goals as far as education, human rights and access to public services is concerned. This is particular to SDG 16 on access to justice and development. Florah is very community oriented and is passionate about improving livelihoods, alleviating poverty and the promotion of fundamental human rights, through engaging in dialogue on community reforms and assisting in formulating recommendations for the present and for posterity in as far as their local communities are concerned. 

She is a graduate of the Moi University School of Law, Kenya, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law, a certified public secretary duly registered with the Institute of Certified Secretaries Kenya, and is currently pursuing a masters in Political Science with a bias on International Relations, majoring in International Development at Shanghai University. As an International Relations major student, Florah is affiliated to the Center for the History of Global Development, to which she hopes to make a positive contribution to through research and discussions.