Center for the History of Global Development

Seminar, Lectures, Conference and Workshops
2017, September - December

14 Sept

Seminar: Lecture

Iris Borowy, Shanghai University 
Sustainable Development and the Need for Global Redistribution

26 Sept

Lecture: Patrick Manning

Democracy in the Human System 1800 to the present


27 Sept

Seminar: Panel Discussion

Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh Pa

Ángel Alcalde, LMU Munich / Center Fellow 
Development Challenges in the 21st Century: the Role of History?


 5 Oct

Seminar: Lecture

Ángel Alcalde, LMU Munich / Center Fellow 
The Global Cold War, Development, and the World Veterans Federation

 12 Oct

No seminar because of all-day SSHM Postgraduate Conference: 
Medicine and Health in Europe and Asia in the Twentieth Centur


26 Oct 

Seminar: Film

Mammoth (dir.: Lukas Moodysson) 
Commentary: Iris Borowy

2 Nov

Seminar: Lecture

Marcos Cueto, FIOCRUZ, Rio de Janeiro 
The Case of AIDS in the Global South

9 Noc

Seminar: Panel Discussion

Connie Shemo, State University of New York 
Marshall Irby, Shanghai University 
Panel Discussion: The USA and the World one Year after the Election of Trump


16 Nov

Seminar: Lecture

Lukasz Stanek, University of Manchester

Architects from Socialist Countries in Cold War West Africa: The Worlding of the Eastern European Experience