Center for the History of Global Development

James Olusegun Adeyeri 

James Olusegun Adeyeri holds a B. A. History Degree and M. A. History and Diplomacy Degree of the Lagos State University, and a PhD History Degree of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the Co-Coordinator of the PhD, and MPhil/PhD History & Diplomacy programmes; Coordinator of Master in International Relations and Strategic Studies; and Associate Editor, LASU Journal of Humanities, Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria. He is also a statutory member (Congregation Representative) of the University Senate. 

His teaching and research focus is mainly on African History, Peace and Conflict Studies,  International  Studies, Environmental History, and Human Rights Studies on which he has published extensively in both local and foreign journals/books, such as Conflict Studies Quarterly, Yonsei Journal of International Studies, Africa Development, Palgrave Handbook of African Politics, Governance and Development (2018), Leadership and Complex Military Operations (2016), Capacity Building for Sustainable Development (2018), and The Challenges of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (2021) . He has also contributed entries in Encyclopedia of Psychology and Contemporary Religion (2018), The British Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia (2019), and Religion and Contemporary Politics: A Global Encyclopedia (2019). 

Dr Adeyeri is a grantee of numerous scholarly travel awards, most recently, Bursary of Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asia and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), to participate in the Workshop “Return to Society: Demobilization and Remobilization of Former Combatants in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America, 1945-present”, KITLV, Leiden, Netherlands, January 2020. He is currently a Visiting Fellow, Center for the History of Global Development, Shanghai.