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Emmanuel Mensah Aboagye


Emmanuel Mensah Aboagye is a doctoral student reading International Law at the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan-China. Currently, he is working on “International Arbitration as a mechanism for addressing Renewable Energy Disputes in Sub-Saharan Africa.” There is a significant growth in renewable energy projects in recent years. Still, disputes arise between project developers, governments, communities, and other stakeholders over issues such as project design, construction, operation, maintenance, and environmental impact. Hence, International arbitration is one potential method for resolving these disputes, particularly where parties are from different countries and have agreed to resolve disputes through arbitration.

He is very sociable and always wants to help others bring out the best in them. As such, has created a Youtube channel to outline various opportunities that will benefit others. Through publications, he is able to satisfy his genuine passion for research.
His research interests transcend varied academic boundaries to encapsulate anything he finds interesting, from International Environmental law, Renewable Energy, Gender and disability issues, see list of publications.