Center for the History of Global Development

 Zhang Kun

Kun Zhang, assistant professor in the department of history of Shanghai University, studied in Lanzhou University during 2004-2011, and received a doctoral degree in world history from Shanghai University in 2015. With the National Scholarship Fund, he went to "Latin American Institute of Humanities and Economics" for a joint doctoral training which lasted for two years in Uruguay, and later studied and worked as a visiting scholar in the Argentine National Science and Technology Commission, University of Buenos Aires and the Catholic University of Peru.

Now his researching field includes the Latin American left movement and the history of Sino-Latin American relations during the Cold War. By analyzing the reforms and revolutions in Latin America during the 20 th century, he intends to find the vision and attitude of the Left in Latin America about ‘development’. Also by tracing the trajectory of the communication between China and Latin America, he tries to discuss the differences of the perceptions between Chinese and Latin American people regarding core concepts such as development, industrialization and environmental protection.  


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