Center for the History of Global Development

Weekly Seminars: Thursdays, 6 pm, room 308

5 Sept

Lecture: Iris Borowy (Shanghai University)

What are the Political Repercussions of Development?

12 Sept

Lecture: Romain Dittgen (University of Witwatersrand)

(Un)writing a ‘Chinese’ street City-making, Neighbourhood Shifts and (re)Negotiated Ways of Living in Suburban Johannesburg

19 Sept

26 Sept

3 Oct

10 Oct

17 Oct

24 Oct

31 Oct

7 Nov

14 Nov

21 Nov

29 Nov

Lecture: Gijs Mom (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Was There an American One Belt One Road Project before the Chinese One?

Lecture: Juliane Schlag (Brown University)

How Malnutrition Died – Democracy and Famine in Bihar 1966/67

Film: The March (David Wheatley, 1990)

Lecture: Kerstin Franzl (Nexus Institute)

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)" - The EU paradigm for technological development

Lecture: Craig Colten (Louisiana State University)

Adaptive Transitions:  Coping with Dynamic Coastal Environments

Lecture: Katarzyna Jarosz (IULT, Wrocław)

Mining the Past. Transforming Mines and Industrial Sites into Tourist Attractions

Lecture: Anthony McGrew (University of Strathclyde / SHU)

After Brexit : The Great Delusion ?

Lecture: Dennis Flynn (Pacific World History Institute)

Globalization History, End-Markets, Wealth, and Environmental Impacts:  the Laws of Supplies and Demands

Lecture: Stanley Zhang Song (Shanghai University)

Rise of Digital Based Ridesourcing in China since 2014

Master Students Forum:  

Elorm Ewurama Kumah: Climate Change and Insecurity in the Lake Chad Basin
Felix Amoh-Siaw: The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

Lecture: Chi Chi Huang (University of Strathclyde / SHU)

Intersections of Colonial and Global Development: The Case of Hong Kong