Center for the History of Global Development

Seminar, Lectures, Conference and Workshops
2018, January - July


College of Liberal Arts; Eastern Campus, room 308
Thursdays 6 – 8 pm (unless stated otherwise) 


22 March

Lecture: Iris Borowy (Shanghai University) 
The Importance of being a Victim

 28-29 March

Workshop: From Night Soil to Chemical Fertilizer: Transformations in Asian-Pacific Agriculture



30 March 

Film: Monsoon Wedding, dir: Mira Nair 
Comments: Ved Baruah (Strathclyde University); Paloma Baruah (Penguin, India) 
In Cooperation with the Center for South Asian Studies, SHU.


6 April 
Friday, 4pm 

Lecture: Federico Pachetti (The University of Hong Kong) 
China and the World Bank during the 1980s

12 April

Discussion: Immigration and Rise of Populism in Europe and beyond 
Chris Cavin (Strathclyde University); Iris Borowy (SHU)

19 April

Lecture: Arthur McIvor (Strathclyde University) 
Globalisation, Asbestos and Occupational Health - an Oral History Approach

26 April

Lecture: James Webb (Colby College) 
Historical Epidemiology and Global Disease Challenges

28-19 April

Workshop: Getting Value or Poison: Benefits - Harm Dilemmas in Efforts to Improve Life


3 May

Lecture: Mazhar Abbas (Shanghai University) 
Landed Aristocracy in Sindh, Pakistan

10 May

Film: The Human Scale, dir.: Andreas Dalsgaard

17 May

Lecture: Zhiqun Zhu ( Bucknell University) 
Asian Integration: Progress, Problems, and Prospects

24 May

Discussion: Big Data: Google, Facebook and Social Credit Points


31 May

Discussion: Sex Work: Migration, Inequality, Policies and Feminism